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Financial Education for Everyone

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Visa and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago celebrated their 11-year partnership co-hosting the Financial Literacy Summit on April 12. The 2017 program focused on bridging gaps and overcoming barriers to universal financial education. The Summit explores global challenges, including the gender gap and harnessing innovation in technology to improve financial education. The event convened senior international financial education experts from governments, the financial services industry, NGOs, the news media and academia.

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Visa's Head of Global Financial Education delivers opening remarks at the 11th annual Financial Literacy Summit.

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Visa’s Head of Community Accounts, Doug Leighton spoke as the Financial Literacy Summit’s featured speaker.

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Maya Fischer-French moderated a panel on Unique Global Challenges in Providing Equal Access to Financial Education with Emre Önyurt, Vanessa Rubio-Marquez and Tymofiy Mylovanov.

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The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Vice President of Public Affairs, Doug Tillett, announces the 2017 Money Smart Week winner.

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Moderator Carmen Rita Wong moderated a panel on Bridging the Gender Gap with Dr. Denise Raquel Dunning, Gigi Hyland, Susan Schreter, Dr. Tracey Wilen and Dr. Anna Zelentsova.

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Visa’s Professor Q theater performance from Latin America teaches students financial education concepts though magic.

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Dr. Tracey Wilen moderated a panel on Harnessing Innovation to Reshape Financial Education with Jake Fuentes, Ted Gonder, Robert Pratten, Jessica Rosenworcel and Karan Goel.

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Tim Ranzetta moderate a panel on Expanding Equal Access to Financial Education Programs with Congressman Bill Foster, Susan Keating, Vikram Parekh, Dave Mooney and Carlos Orta.